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Cuisines Cartier Montréal offers you an experience that results in a sincere closeness that develops between you and our kitchen designers, an atmosphere of well-being and an unmatched service in each of the stages leading to the realization of your kitchen space: functional, practical and esthetic.

Because above and beyond your project, there's YOU.




Francois Guida

Function: Director of operations

For more than 10 years, François has shown so much scrutiny and dedication in his work that he has built a very strong professional reputation for himself in the kitchen and washroom design industry. At a very young age, the worldwide giant IKEA recognized his talent and offered him a sales coordinator position for its kitchen department. François accepted the challenge and brilliantly managed an annual 16 million dollars turnover, while in his early twenties. Being the efficient and available leader that he is, François now sets the tone for Cuisines Cartier and makes sure that every project not only shows exceptional quality, but also systematically receives the most valuable, yet rare, asset possible: a genuine, humane touch.




Jonathan Léon

Function: Project Manager 

With his steel cap boots and his tool belt, Jonathan is a man of action. Carpenter at first, he then moved to sales in the stone industry, only to come back stronger to his first love: construction sites. His migration between both the sales and installation sides of the business molded him into a complete and competent worker, concerned about making promises happen. Responsible for surface preparation and site management, he is the man in whom Cuisines Cartier invests its trust when it comes to building your dream.




Maeva Boucher

Function: Interior Designer - APDIQ Member

Moved by functional beauty, Maéva plays with emotion and feel to design that special, exhilarating ambiance you dream about. She is a professional artist who sees every project as a white canvas, and strives to create a unique environment; just as unique as those who will inhabit it. She is passionate, creative and understands the challenge in undertaking an ambitious project, with the constraints of functionality to make your life easier. Holder of a Franco-Canadian double-diploma in interior design and an APDIQ certification, Maéva presents an open-mind approach and works with tons of cultural and architectural references, which will enrich your ideas in a wonderful manner. 




Lucile Compagnon

Function: Interior designer - APDIQ member

This young woman with a delicate pen stroke and a sensitive outlook gives every project a unique emotional touch. APDIQ certified and holder of diplomas both in France and Quebec, her best assets remain her creativity, her confidence and her sense of detail. Few designers realize that designs not only breathe through the eyes of those who look at them; but mostly they live through every moment, every action, in the space they ultimately create. Lucile plans a majestic space inside another, and gives your kitchen the place it deserves: the heart of your home, filled with everything you love.




Battista Giorgio Giliotti

Function: Technical Manager

In the early nineties, when technology was a word used to designate huge mobile phones and when Internet was just beginning its revolution, Battista founded his own company in Italy, and specialized in technological systems. He was a visionary pioneer who benefit from the emergence of domotic integration, residential automation and security systems, by studying and participating in projects signed by some of the most renowned architects of Rome. Valli, Pellizza, Onore, Andreotti and Martini have all called upon him and praised his work. Immigrated here to follow the woman who made his heart pound, it's at Cuisines Cartier that Battista chose to pursue his brilliant career as Technical Manager, in charge of installation and finishing.




Marie Hélène Fauquet

Function: Controller

Being both the life and business partner of now deceased John De Cesaris, founder of Cuisines Cartier, Mari-Hélène is definitely one of our most significant pillars. Business Administration bachelor from the High Commercial Studies School in Montréal (HEC), and counting more than 20 years of loyal services on our team, she has basically planned and orchestrated the birth and growth of the company. This great business woman, knowledgeable in every aspect of the kitchen and washroom cabinets industry, diligently manages Cuisines Cartier's strategic and financial operations, making sure that you receive nothing but excellent service.




Vickie Althot

Function: Coordinator and Quotes Officer

It takes a determined and perseverant individual to secure an enviable position in business, as in every area of life in general. At Cuisines Cartier, this person is called Vickie. This young woman who began her career as a nurse rapidly chose to redirect her professional path towards a more administrative and commercial environment. By chance, her new venture led her on our doorstep! She now accounts with great success for every need the company may have concerning contracts, from their obtention to their management. Her endearing personality, coupled with a genuine desire to make your dreams come true, embody the Cuisines Cartier culture in its most humane way.



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Cuisines Cartier Montreal offers an experience that results in a sincere closeness that develops between you and ourkitchen designers, an atmosphere of well-being and an advisory service unmatched in each of the stages leading to the realization of your  kitchen space.


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