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Cuisines Cartier Montréal offers you an experience that results in a sincere closeness that develops between you and our kitchen designers, an atmosphere of well-being and an unmatched service in each of the stages leading to the realization of your kitchen space: functional, practical and esthetic.


François Guida
Operations Manager

Tél: 514-627-0207
Fax: 514-764-3582


The attention to detail and a job well done is its greatest qualities, François excels in the world of kitchen design and bathroom for the past 9 years. From Sales Coordinator at IKEA kitchen department, with a turnover of more than $ 16 million per year, to Operations Manager at Cuisines Cartier Montreal team, he now shares his expertise, his leadership and treasured experience gained through large residential projects that show successful brilliantly during his career. He is a man of confidence that will lead to a successful conclusion your most ambitious projects, whether you're an individual or a recognized contractor. It will ensure your fullest satisfaction.



Quentin Morgenstern
Designer, Chargé de projet

Tél: 514-638-8288


Working in design for over 6 years, Quentin stands out with a different approach and stylish solutions for all projects .
A graduate university with a degree from one of europes finest known design schools.
He is versatile and meets all the requirements for interior design and especially in kitchen design.

Battista Giorgio Giliott                                                                                          Technic Manager                                                                                                     Italien design / Special project                


Tél: 514-451-6663
Fax: 514-764-3582

With boldness and ambition, Battista open his own business technology systems in Italy in the '90s. He was a pioneer in the field. Electricity, domotic, automatisation and security system for homes, here is a beautiful expertise to match the kitchen. He has studied and participated in many designed and monitored by the most influential architects of Rome projects Valli Pellizza, Onore, Andreotti, Martini to achieve high artistic and professional level.
During his distinguished career, he decided to move to Montreal for a love story and follow his destiny. By chance we meet, and Battista wanted to put his technical expertise to Cuisines Cartier Montreal.
It is the perfect person to combine design and technology.


Marie-Hélène Fauquet 

Tél: 514-993-8556
Fax: 450-332-3347


Strong, efficient, dedicated and precise, Marie-Hélène is an inexhaustible and invaluable information in the field of kitchen cabinets and bathroom source. University graduate in accounting for more than 20 years and partner in life and business of John De Cesaris, founder of Cuisines Cartier Montreal until his death, she has orchestrated from the very beginning and always orchestra successfully, the operation budgetary and administrative of Cuisines Cartier Montreal.


John De Cesaris


John De Cesaris was a leader in the field of kitchen cabinets for several years, but it has evolved for more than 40 years. Arrived in Montreal in 1966, he immediately began his career as an installer of kitchen cabinets. He slowly climbed the ranks of the company, through sales manager production manager, until, with his wife, his own franchise and owning Cuisines Cartier Montreal in the summer of 2005. John De Cesaris was a working man, proud and had expertise in kitchens unusual. He was able to convey his values ​​work well done and his enthusiasm and passion to his daughter and son, who took over the company until his death in September 2010.


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