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ECO Friendly Products

Cartier is also committed to the environment. To that end, we provide our clients with the option of choosing from a broad range of eco friendly low and zero VOC* cabinetry. (*VOC – Volatile Organic Compounds refers to organic chemical compounds which have significant vapour pressures and which can affect the environment and human health. The lower the VOC designation, the better the product is for the environment.)  In addition, Cartier Kitchens can help a project achieve LEED Certification by offering LEED certified materials.

For a more detailed list of our ECO Friendly Products please contact us.

Cuisines Cartier Montreal offers cabinet doors custom collection  by MIRALIS made in Quebec. The range of materials not only meets the most stringent industry requirements, but also your expectations! These cabinets are the best in terms of sustainability, esthetics and functionality.


Wooden kitchens provide lots of warmth and elegance to a room. Each type of wood is unique and the color combinations are endless, allowing the designer to conceive a kitchen tailored to each client. We offer a dozen species of wood such as Mahogany, Cherry, Red Oak, White Oak, Maple, Pine, Cherry, Wild Cherry, Walnut and White Ash. With the various characteristics of the wood, there is no limit to the imagination. There are hundreds of door styles, several antique and rustic finishes. You want the same color as the dining room table for your cabinets? We can do it through the development of custom color. Wood is a great value, it is easy to maintain and will pass through the years with you.



MDF panel means Medium Density Fiber. Proponents of sustainable development will be interested in the ecological point of view since the production of MDF does not cause trees to be cut. Indeed, the MDF is made of wood fibers obtained by steam treatment and passing it through special grinders. The wood fibers are bonded together by thermosetting adhesives. After being pressed, the wood fibers provide the MDF panel with physical homogeneous properties. Most stains that we find in this material are solid colors, but a variety of special finishes at competitive price are available to give the appearance of wood. Different whites are available on MDF, no doubt you will succeed in finding THE perfect shade!


Perfectly imitating wood, polyester material is very durable and easy to maintain. A cabinet door said five parts is composed of MDF melamine and polyester. There are matte finishes, satin and textured, which allows the designer to give a particular style to the kitchen. This product gives a high end look to the kitchen at an affordable price.



Melamine has changed significantly in recent years, now offered in contemporary colors and natural finishes. Polyester and melamine offer the same colors; they are differentiated by the door models available. The only door model available in the two materials is called the Shaker model. We often find this model in transitional kitchens. In melamine, we mostly have slab models with an outlined edge band. We now offer an aluminum edge band for a more urban look.



The polymer is a contemporary product that offers many choices of colors, textures and door styles. This is, in fact, a pine fibers panel (MDF) on which a sheet of plastic (PVC) is molded on all sides by a heating process. After this process, the product is very durable. The polymer is available in glossy or matte finishes. Some matte polymers closely resemble natural woods such as walnut. For glossy finishes, a polishing kit is provided to polish the kitchen once a year to avoid scratches or stains. The advantage of polymer is unquestionably the accessibility of glossy products at affordable prices. Of course, this product requires maintenance, but the color of the kitchen will remain uniform for several years.



Similar to the Italian lacquer, this product is very glossy. Available in contemporary colors, this product provides a very bright and sparkly kitchen. The doors are made from a MDF covered with a methacrylate film that resists to ultraviolet rays and to moisture. Because of this film, the color and brightness remain vibrant over time. For those who want a more urban look, door models are available with an aluminum edge. Easy to maintain, to avoid scratches and fatty deposits, just apply each year the polishing cream supplied with the kitchen at time of purchase.


European Laminate

European laminate offers a sleek and zen style for a more linear design. It is a product inspired by the latest trends from the capital of design and fashion: Milan. Miralis has been the leading manufacturer of laminated European kitchens in North America. This product offers a beautiful natural texture and blends well with other products such as polymer. This product is also available with integrated handles on top of the door. It is very durable and easy to maintain.



The veneer offers a range of species available such as the Maple, Cherry, White Oak, Red Oak, Maple, Ash, Cherry and Walnut and other more exotic species such as Zebrano and Wenge. A cabinet door in veneer is manufactured with a thin slice of real wood affixed to a panel of MDF, which significantly reduces the amount of wood used. The veneer fits all styles of kitchens, from rustic to classical through the modern.


Solid lacquer

Opaque lacquer is a paint applied several times in a thin layer to provide a uniform color and gloss. Several colors are available in this type of product and you can even create your own custom color. You want the kitchen to match perfectly with your new flooring? Simply send us a sample of the floor so that we develop the exact color. It is also possible to obtain the so-called glossy color also called WET LOOK or otherwise a more matte finish. Solid lacquer allows you to obtain a unique kitchen based on your taste and your needs.


Our kitchens are both stylish and functional to meet the needs of modern life. Whatever your taste and budget, we guarantee you an excellent value. The doors are made of solid wood and the design of more elaborate. We will live up to your expectations so that your kitchen will become the jewel of your home!

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